Tim Cook is a real genius

Apple has recently posted their latest financial report and they are doing pretty well. Their daily revenue is over $1 billion per day. It doesn’t sound pretty bad, ha?

Everyone thought that Apple is doomed when Steve Jobs had passed away in 2011. He was a real visioner, who could see not only see trends, but create a new ones. He was super attentive to super small details, he was engaged in any activity related to the product and controlled everything by himself. He was a truly passionate and managed to change the world.

Experts were predicting the sunset of Apple, telling the company will never be the same. Evangelist were crying and screaming that the world and the enterprise itself will never been the same. And who took the Steve’s place? Have you seen the guy? He looks more like an accountant or lawyer than a tech, passionate guy.

It is 2021 and this super boring guy without a vision has been ruining Apple for almost a decade, since the Steve Job’s dead in 2011. Scott Forstall, who used to be a responsible for IOS development originally and very famous Johny Ive, who developed the design of all the products also left the board. You could’ve guessed, that the it is the end and of the story, and the enterprise is doomed.

But it is completely opposite and they are very far from being dead. Instead, the Apple turned into the money printing machine. Whatever they do — they reach success. You may hate it, but it is what it is.

They have released the most successful and best selling smart watches called iWatch, wireless headphones AirPods, that you may see everywhere, and yeah, iPhone is the best selling phone on the market. It feels like a real magic

And we have received the proof of their superiority and excellence just recently with the release of the new ARM chip called M1. I’ve read a ton of predictions about the very slow transition to the new architecture, the absence of software, lack of optimisation and speed, and dozens other problems. And what did we get eventually? We’ve seen one of the most terrific and powerfull laptop on the market, that is amazingly silent and super fast. And thanks to the tool called Rosetta there are no problems with the software at all, and even non-optimised app runs with no issues on the high speed.

During those years they penentrated so many different categories that are pretty far from just hardware production. I am talking about Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Pay, Apple Arcade and Apple Card. Mr. Cook turned them into a lifestyle company.

Now we hear plans to develop and release their own car and I prone to believe it. No matter what they do — they do it on the highest level and deliver a top notch product. It is not cheap, but it is the best product on the market. That is why I am very excited to see new inventions.

They are sitting on the huge pile of money and need to utilize it somehow, becasuse money must work to please their shareholders. A lot of new products and services are coming in the near future.

I believe that Tim Cook is very much underrated. He must be recognized as one of the greatest managers in the history. He must be called the genius. Yes, he is not charismatic, he is very boring and so on, but it is just a different kind of genius. So many people predicted him to fail, but he turned the company into a 2 trillion dollars enterprise.

He is one of the best thing that might’ve happened to Apple: they do not depend on the personalities anymore — they rely on the business processes and excellent organisational structure. That makes them a lot more staible and sustainable

No one will ever create a cult of Tim Cook: people love superheroes and bright personalities, and he is very far from it, but he is still the genius.



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